Senior Director Digital & eCommerce

10/21/2017 2:29:13 AM
The primary purpose of this role is to provide the vision for and keep pace with an evolving and fast paced digital landscape, ensuring we are on the forefront of social media trends, digital marketing and on- line web and mobile e-commerce strategies and user experiences. Lead a team of web designers and managers and digital marketing experts to manage the on-line user experience for USCC. The key objectives of the role will be to deliver an on-line sales target and on-line to off-line and omni-channel customer conversions.
The role reports to the advertising and strategy lead and is the central point of ownership for the e-commerce, on-line user experience, digital marketing and internal and external web based communications.
Digital Marketing campaigns and communication


  • Responsibilities
    • Lead and build a team of internal and external partners to translate the brand strategies and positioning into an effective and efficient on-line communication strategy
    • Develop impactful and effective on-line messages as stand alone web executions or in support of broader brand initiatives and programs
  • Accountabilities
    • Digital marketing campaigns and ideas with a high Marketing Return on investment
    • Effectively drive traffic to our website and off-line locations
Social Media
  • Responsibilities
    • Oversee all social media platforms and programs that activate the customer fan base, grow our on-line communities and develop communities within communities at the local level incorporating small businesses and customers.
    • Create brand buzz and fuel social engagement through message magnification, Real Time Marketing and brand advocacy.
  • Accountabilities
    • Increasing fans and followers on social platforms, conquesting driven gross adds and customer and non-customer engagement scores
  • Responsibilities
    • Collaborating with cross functional partners to manage all aspects of the e-commerce experience from device pricing, plans, promotions, website design, web analytics and web technologies
    • Integration with the USCC billing system
    • Technical support for my account
    • Development of omni-channel capabilities such as on-line ordering and in store pick up, on-line support for 3rd party retailers, on-line appointments for in store support and self care technologies.
  • Accountabilities
    • Delivering an on-line sales target and on-line to off-line conversions
Content management and the online user experience
  • Responsibilities
    • Develop and implement a well articulated on-line user experience strategy that covers all internal and external interfaces
    • Ensure the brand positioning and core brand propositions are appropriately addressed and that all promotions, campaigns, portals and omni-channel interactions are clear, consistent and in service of the core brand strategy
  • Accountabilities
    • Consistent brand messages and user experiences across the USCC digital landscape.
Need someone with a cross over experience of traditional marketing and communications experience that has managed brands, media budgets and advertising messaging that has moved into a more IT focused and on-line e-commerce, analytical and social environment, where web site management and e-commerce are key components of their experience.
Or find someone that has a strong IT and web based education and experience base that has moved more into the on-line communication and digital marketing space.
Proven leadership capabilities and someone who is highly collaborative
The ability to work with and bridge the gap between the creative and advertising aspects of the role and the IT department and the technical elements of an e-commerce platform
Key areas of experience need to be in:
  • website development and or management
  • On Line marketing – SMS, e-mail, SEO, Display media and social
  • A proven ability to develop digital strategies for paid, earned and owned digital media
  • Some experience with web technologies, web programming, web user experience strategies and website design
  • A thorough knowledge of web analytics and digital marketing KPI’s
  • Some sales experience would be helpful
  • A proven track record managing an e-commerce website with an understanding of on line billing, buy-flow processes and database marketing
Bachelors Degree in Marketing Communications and an MBA preferred
10-15 yrs relevant experience required.
U.S. Cellular® is an EEO employer and gives consideration to qualified applicants without regard to race/color/age/religion/sex/sexual orientation/gender identity/national origin/disability/veteran status, pregnancy or genetic information.