Rise to the Challenge.

Take Your Place Among the Best with Our Peak Performers Program.

For those seeking the ultimate in career satisfaction, no climb is too hard. No mountain, too high. No goal, unattainable. This is why we have established our Peak Performers Program, the very height of recognition for sales achievement within U.S. Cellular®. As your performance ascends, so will your chance to rise to the top and take your rightful place among the best of the best. This multi-faceted sales reward and recognition program is focused on driving sales results by aligning organizational goals for success and motivating sales excellence.

Our eligibility rules are intended to keep the playing field as level as possible for all participants. Please note that all rules are subject to change at the discretion of senior leadership. U.S. Cellular’s Peak Performers Program is open to full- and part-time associates, providing all sales associates an equal opportunity to win. There are three components to the program: The Pinnacle Club/Pinnacle Award, the Summit Awards, and short-term Sales Contests/Sweepstakes.

Eligible roles include the following, although not all positions are eligible for all components of the Peak Performers Program:

Corporate Owned Retail


  • Retail Wireless Consultant/Floater Retail Wireless Consultant
    • Full-Time and Part-Time, ranked separately
  • Sales Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Retail Area Sales Manager
  • Directors of Sales - Corporate Owned
  • Cashier Greeter*


* These support positions are only eligible for the bi-monthly RECOGNIZE! Sweepstakes




  • Agent Sales Development Manager
  • Agent Areas Sales Manager
  • Director of Sales - Agent
  • Agent Distribution Sales Support Specialist*


* These support positions are only eligible for the bi-monthly RECOGNIZE! Sweepstakes




  • Business Account Manager
  • Business Sales Executive
  • Business Development Manager
  • Business Area Sales Manager
  • Directors of Sales - Business


National Retail


  • National Retail Territory Sales Manager
  • National Retail Area Sales Manager
  • National Account Manager
  • Director of National Accounts†

    † These stand-alone sales positions have additional criteria to earn Pinnacle Club


Internal Telesales


  • Telesales Wireless Consultant (USCC)
  • Telesales Supervisor (USCC)
  • Telesales Manager (USCC)†
  • Director Customer Care Center†

    † These stand-alone sales positions have additional criteria to earn Pinnacle Club




The Pinnacle Club: The Pinnacle Club is exactly what you would expect it to be: A group of the very top performers by job category from the U.S. Cellular sales organization, as determined on a yearly basis. To gain membership in the Pinnacle Club, you must attain 100% of your program goal as defined by the program rules or the national average % attainment as determined by executive leadership at their discretion and be in good-standing at the time of the award announcement and disbursement. For stand-alone positions, where there is no opportunity to compete with others, additional criteria have been established for membership to the Pinnacle Club.

Generally, the top 3% of sales associates in each of the following channels earn an invitation to the Pinnacle Club: Corporate Owned Retail, Agent, Business, National Retail and Internal Telesales. Each year’s Pinnacle Club winners receive an invitation for themselves and a guest to join U.S. Cellular’s Executive Leadership team for a complimentary four-day/three-night all-inclusive award trip.

The Pinnacle Award: In addition, we offer the Pinnacle Award for the year’s very top achievers within our organization. The #1 Top Frontline Associate in each of the following positions earns the Pinnacle Award as well as the invitation to Pinnacle Club:

  • Retail Wireless Consultant (RWC & FRWC)
  • Agent Sales Development Manager
  • Business Sales Executive and Business Account Manager combined ranking
  • National Field Sales Representative
  • Telesales Wireless Consultants


Rise to the challenge on a consistent basis, and you or your team can earn a Summit Award as many as four times per year.

Summit Awards are earned on a quarterly basis by top-performing U.S. Cellular stores and/or sales associates based on pre-set criteria. These awards fall into two categories: Corporate-owned sales channel/retail store-level awards for entire store teams, and individual awards for all other roles/sales channels, which include top performers in Agent, Business, Internal Telesales, and National Retail channels.

For corporate-owned sales channel/retail store-level winners, the prize is a celebration to include all eligible positions: Retail wireless consultants, floater retail wireless consultants, sales managers, store managers, sales support personnel, and business development managers. For all other roles and sales channels, each individual winner earns a valuable gift card for personal use.


U.S. Cellular knows that great sales behaviors and performance can only elevate our success, which is why the Peak Performers Program has established two different types of sweepstakes for our sales professionals. We offer:

  • RECOGNIZE! Bimonthly Sweepstakes: You can earn entries for prize drawings at any point during the year when leaders recognize you on the spot for targeted sales behaviors, or by making sales that drive our business imperatives. There will be 25 winners selected at random for each of the six bi-monthly RECOGNIZE! Sweepstakes, with prizes to be announced at the time of each contest.
  • Sales-based Contests: Sales contests will be announced at intermittent times throughout the year and are designed to address current business needs. The program structures, criteria and eligibility may vary with each contest. They may be designed as stack-ranked sales contests based on top sales performance or sweepstakes with associates earning entries based on achieving pre-defined thresholds and winners being selected at random from all entries earned in that program. The rules and prizes will be announced at the time of each stand-alone program.