We're Rooting For You

What do you want to build today? Customer relationships? A skill set? A next-generation technology solution? Do you want to help enhance a colleague’s impact? Or create a marketing campaign that moves the needle? How about better clarity around your chosen field of study? Or is it your community you want to positively impact? Ask yourself: "What can I build today? And how can I do it with like-minded people?"


Customer Care & Financial Services

What makes working with the Customer Care and Financial Services teams at U.S. Cellular® different and better? We understand that service is much more than wearing a headset. Or just talking to people.

At U.S. Cellular, it's about building a brand — and a career — you won't find anywhere else, with people who care about you and where you're headed. Which is why we go well above and beyond to ensure that while you're creating the best possible experience for those we serve, we're creating the best possible experience for you.

Corporate & Operations Support

U.S. Cellular is a place where inspiration can hit at a moment's notice, anytime, through any one, because we're deliberate in making it possible. And because we think differently. Our accounting and finance associates are also business strategists. Our marketing associates are also entrepreneurs. Our human resource associates are also performance modelers who help drive the company forward. And on it goes. The secret is in the "also".

We provide wide open spaces to collaborate, to understand how the various pieces fit together, and to turn that knowledge into competitive advantage. We're business people who think like business people, regardless of role. Because it all matters.

Engineering & Network Operations

Some quick credentials: more than 94 percent of U.S. Cellular customers have access to 4G LTE speeds, and we were again named a J.D. Power and Associates Customer Champion in 2014 — the third time in four years. To us, that's pretty amazing. Not because it's all just business as usual. But because we get to call the associates who make it all happen our colleagues. Quite simply, they're the industry's best and brightest.

On any given day, you'll find them imagining together, vetting their latest products in front of every related area of our organization, and consulting with industry experts to ensure our coverage is even and consistent across our footprint. They're climbing towers and solving for horrendous weather. That's just life in Engineering & Network Operations at U.S. Cellular. And we like to think it's a pretty great life to have.

Information Technology

If our organization is the chassis, you're the engine. It doesn't matter what it looks like on the outside if there's a lemon under the hood. It's all about strength, reliability, and performance. Information Technology at U.S. Cellular is muscle where it matters most. Equipped with a state-of-the-art environment and technologies that push all reasonable boundaries, our I.T. associates keep the backbone strong behind the scenes so what is front-facing wins that second glance.

No one knows the speed of technology better than you — and what it takes to lead in this space. The demand for creative thought and necessity of building the better way. Consistently Continually. For the kind of leadership that recognizes a brilliant idea when it's presented, with the courage to move on it. Fast. After all, you're a professional. And in the end, there's pride in performance. The kind of pride that moves the heart, quickens the pulse and has you begging for that next hurdle.


Creating winning connections — it's the essence of sales. And something we live for in a way few of our competitors do. At U.S. Cellular, we pride ourselves on our customers' buying experience. At the same time, we know that we must take care of our associates for them to take good care of our customers. As a company committed to the industry's best wireless solutions, we provide extensive training and professional development opportunities that will ensure your short- and long-term professional goals are met.

At U.S. Cellular you will become a true knowledge expert, a go-to person for customers and potential customers alike. You will be encouraged to find new and better ways for our business and your career. You will be asked to share insights, steer strategy, and make positive impacts that build loyalty, clarity, and trust. So bring us your "A-game", your energy, and self-motivation. Be excited about what your future holds and experience fully charged.